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Now a partner of Energy Matters

Australian customers need convenience and flexibility, and solar energy retailers need the same. With Podium, whether you’re capturing a new lead, making a booking, requesting a Google review or even asking for payment, you can manage it all by text message and all from a single inbox. This saves you and your customers time, grows your reputation online, and lets you focus on what matters most.

See Podium in action.

Messaging tools for solar energy retailers.

Energy Matters has partnered with Podium to help solar energy retailers improve their customer experience and help grow their reputation with award-winning interaction management.

The Platform

Texts get opened. Business gets done.

Whether you have one location or a few hundred, Podium's suite of messaging tools leverages the universal language of texting to get business done.

“Energy Matters is delighted to establish a partnership with Podium; as an avid user of the Podium product suite, Energy Matters has been able to communicate quickly & efficiently to its customers using webchat resulting in significantly higher customer engagement and satisfaction. Consumers looking to go solar place trust as one of their key pillars when choosing their solar retailer and acquiring customer reviews has never been more important. The ease of collecting reviews via Podiums software & understanding ones customer service proficiency via a NPS process is a game changer in the industry."

Roshan Ramnarain - Chief Executive Officer

Energy Matters