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Hunter Douglas has partnered with Podium to help dealers improve their customer experience with award-winning interaction management. From first search to final sale, Podium makes everything as easy as sending a text. Get more reviews, connect with leads, collect payments, and send campaigns—all from one easy-to-use inbox.

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20% discount for Hunter Douglas Dealers.

The Platform

Texts get opened. Business gets done.

Whether you have one location or a few hundred, Podium's suite of messaging tools leverages the universal language of texting to get business done.

We’re encouraging our dealers to adopt Podium’s messaging tools. The days of email communications have gone by the wayside. If you don’t make a meaningful connection with customers within five minutes, they’ll go to a competitor. Podium creates a frictionless buying experience starting with Google search and ending with an effortless way to pay."

Jamie Ziegler

Director of Product Management, Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas Dealers' Podium Experience