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We started with reviews, but realized there were a ton of other problems facing hotels that we could solve. Now Podium is a multi-product platform that gives hotels and their guests the most convenient experience possible—from reviews to messaging and insights. See why 60,000+ businesses trust Podium to:

  • Build a reputation on the review sites that matter most to you
  • Improve local SEO to more easily get found
  • Improve your pre-booking & pre-arrival communications
  • Manage, report on, and track all of your interactions

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Stand out on the sites that matter by easily collecting hundreds of customer reviews.


Capture leads while they're on your website and move them automatically to a text message.


Send a payment link through text, allowing your customers to pay the way they prefer.


Learn exactly what customers love—or why they're leaving—so you can drive repeat business.


Connect with your team on the same platform where you interact with leads and customers.


Automatically send your customers the right message at the right time.


Manage all of your conversations and messaging tools from one platform.


Start a video call in seconds by sending a secure text link.

your customers want to message you

The right messaging tools for any job.

Texting isn't just the better way to get more reviews, it's the better way to do business. Podium's suite of messaging tools makes it easy to generate more bookings, deliver consistently great experiences, and keep guests coming back again and again.

“It was shocking how quickly we could answer questions, and how quickly they’d go straight from that to booking a trip.”

David Taylor, Owner, Kai Kanani