Preferred Partner

See how Podium + TACORI can help grow your business.

Tacori has partnered with Podium to help jewelers grow and modernize their business. Retailers who sign up with Podium can gain access to text leads via the TACORI.com store locator, with the use of Podium’s Webchat feature.

See Podium in action.

Preferred Partner

TACORI dealers who use Podium gain access text leads via TACORI.com using the Podium Webchat feature. Ask for more information

The Platform

Texts get opened. Business gets done.

Whether you have one location or a few hundred, Podium's suite of messaging tools leverages the universal language of texting to get business done.

"Texting with customers is something that I've wanted to do for a while. When Podium came along, it looked to me as being a technology-rich platform. Simple to use, and at a price point that made sense. We jumped on that opportunity and we are very happy so far that we did it."

Shannon Nordstrom

Local Business Owner